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Registration opens this Monday, August 7
Please register by September 15 to guarantee your paper is included in the program

​If your paper has been accepted and you plan to attend the conference, please register by September 15 to guarantee it will be included in the program.

Hotelling lectures: we invite everyone registered to the conference to attend this lectures (at no extra cost).

Each year, the Econometric Society's Hotelling Lectures bring a leading economic theorist to one of the annual meetings who delivers a graduate-level mini-course in their area of expertise. The location of the lectures rotates among the regional meetings. This lecture series honors influential economist Harold Hotelling, who presided over the Society in 1936 and 1937. 


Boston University Professor Barton Lipman, the current Executive Vice-President of the Econometric Society and a Co-Editor of Econometrica, will deliver this year's lectures. Professor Lipman is a micro theorist who works on various topics in decision theory, game theory, and mechanism design. His lectures will be titled "Games and Mechanisms with Evidence."

Conference Registration Fees

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Please notice that the conference has some funds available to help cover the travel expenses of some student participants. If you want to be considered for this grant, please write an e-mail and send your updated CV to by August 21st.

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